Tên ICOEasyfast
Ký Hiệu Fors
Ngày bắt đầuTBA
Ngày cuốiTBA
Quốc giaRussia
Nền tảngN/A
Thời gian ICO
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Our Strategic Vision

Two startups @alethena_rating and @forseti_im receive the first-ever Crypto Valley Association Blockchain Awards and @aidtechnology wins the popular at the @ICTinvestorclub Blockchain Challenge
http://Startupticker.ch | The Swiss Startup News channel https://www.startupticker.ch/en/news/june-2018/two-startups-receive-the-first-ever-crypto-valley-association-blockchain-awards#.WzEBDfFKVAs.twitter

So excited to pitch @forseti_im at Blockchain Challenge, a satellite event of http://cryptovalleyconference.com!
During the event, Forseti team will present our MVP (minimal valuable product) to the audience of investors and experts from around the world for the first time.

Meet Alex on the stage with a speech: Cryptoeconomics. Mechanism Design

He will cover basics of mechanism design, its application to distributed systems and why it's necessary to know about cryptoeconomics when building decentralized applications

We're about to start our full-scale activity. Get ready for the hot news next months...
Tomorrow our team will visit Russian Blockchain Week 2018 and of course, we can't visit any notable Blockchain event without participating as a speakers

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