Tên ICOLendLedger
Ký Hiệu LOAN
Ngày bắt đầuTBA
Ngày cuốiTBA
Quốc giaSingapore
Nền tảngStellar
Thời gian ICO
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LendLedger brings together Borrowers, Lenders, and Data Providers in an open and decentralized network built on blockchain technology. Our mission is to solve the $8 trillion funding gap that over 200 million small businesses face globally as they struggle to demonstrate traditional credit histories. As the only blockchain-powered network that enables borrowers and financial institutions to transact in their local currency, we’re building a lending market that is inclusive, trustworthy, and profitable for all participants. Our software is already powering loans at a rate of $30 million per year in 400 cities across India and through blockchain we're scaling globally. Our differentiators as a project are:

Co-Founder and CEO
Head of Product

Tokenization allows nearly anything to be traded securely, transparently and traceably on the blockchain - find out how it can revolutionize the future of lending https://bit.ly/2ZnxWKb #loans #blockchain #lending

Ever heard of the Internet of Credit? We believe that this new approach to exchanging value has the opportunity to revolutionize financing for hundreds of millions of small businesses - read all about it! https://bit.ly/2Ec0C0x #lending #blockchain #stellar #impact #creditgap

Happy get $20 million new funding to grow small business lending in India. Financing will reach up to 1 million new borrowers in current fiscal year - https://lnkd.in/fv3Hg5a #smallbusinesslending #lendtech #fintech #digitallending #MSME #microfinance #India

Sister company @happynessnet raises $20 million - looking at 1 million loans in the coming years is $500m of lending volume all on the @LendLedger network https://bit.ly/2H29XKh #Lending #Blockchain #SmallBusinessWeek #EmergingMarkets

#Blockchain has the capacity to revolutionize supply-chain finance bringing trust and security to a complex financing model. Learn how #LendLedger are pioneering a new model https://bit.ly/2GIrHKx #stellar #SupplyChain #Lending #SupplyChainFinance #SmallBusiness

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Giá bán0.0000 USD Lượng Coin Bán Ra450,000,000 Phương thức thanh toánETH, BTC, XLM, Fiat
Đầu tư tối thiểuN/A Phân phối45% Đã đạt đượcN/A
Soft Cap (Tổng Mức Vốn Kêu Gọi Tối Thiểu)N/A Hard Cap (Mức vốn Cao Nhất muốn đạt được)8,000,000 USD

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