Tên ICOCasper API
Ký Hiệu CST
Ngày bắt đầuTBA
Ngày cuốiTBA
Quốc giaRussia
Nền tảngEthereum
Thời gian ICO
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Casper API is a decentralized data storage system for DApps (decentralized applications) on any blockchain with smart-contracts. Casper API is a cross-chain solution allows creating new DApps never before possible. For example: decentralized blogging platforms (like Medium), marketplace or social media. Casper API raises the level of the blockchain ecosystem, thereby developing the blockchain market. The technologies by which the Casper API complements any blockchain with smart-contracts are decentralized p2p storage and CDN.

Imagine our nearest future, when information will not only be generated by you, but billions of IT devices: drones, self-driving cars, robots, AR/VR. All of them require an immense storage volume for information, which will cause significant demand for the service in question from both classic-style applications and DApp.

Casper API can help solve the issue of high data storage prices. After switching to a decentralized storage you can save up to 66% compared to the cloud storage giants of today. This is made possible with the help of providers putting up their hard drive capacity, both private persons and data centers can put up as little as 25.6 GB for rent and enjoy monthly rewards in CST – the system's tokens. It will help increase the reliability and security of the data stored due to decentralization. You will never lose your data and will always have access to it. By uploading your data you can be sure that you alone is the only person with the access.

Located all around the world, providers ensure the operation and security of the entire network, and the smart-contract automatically runs hourly check-ups when copies are created. Thus upon finding a disconnected provider, the system immediately copies all the data stored on his HDD, keeping the number of proper copies.

Cloud storage market looks like the most perspective out there at the moment, projected to reach $72 billion by 2020. This makes the solution put forth by Casper API all the more attractive.

Good day, Friends!

Last week we provided the questionnaire about Casper API and a lot of our followers participated in it. Thank you!

So let's sum up some of the results.

1) Most of our followers are 18-45 years old, but there are a lot of people 45+ as well

Good day, Friends

So what's going on with our research now?

a) We found out 5 different business models, each with the different approach of attracting clients and monthly/weekly/hourly earnings for providers(discussable)

Good day, Friends.

It will be very helpful if you can spend 2-3 min to answer our questionnaire.
Don't worry, it is anonymous

Link https://goo.gl/grJ58G

Casper API team

Good day, Friends.

Guess all of you wanna know what’s going on with Casper API now.

So, here is some news

Our team gets smaller for better budget.

BUT, the сore team is still here. Currently, we are working on deep market research to understand where and how to move further.

Important information!


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Giá bán1 CST = 0.16 USD Lượng Coin Bán Ra258,083,333 Phương thức thanh toánETH, BTC
Đầu tư tối thiểuN/A Phân phối58,7% Đã đạt được$1,040,000
Soft Cap (Tổng Mức Vốn Kêu Gọi Tối Thiểu)6,700,000 USD Hard Cap (Mức vốn Cao Nhất muốn đạt được)26 200 000 USD

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