Tên ICOMindsync
Ký Hiệu MAI
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Ba 01, 2019
Ngày cuốiTháng Mười Một 01, 2020
Quốc giaUK
Nền tảngEthereum

MindSync is an AI-as-a-Service and Expert-as-aService platform. We seek to help solve business problems of customers through AI-based solutions that are created through rewarding competitions within the community or through choosing from a wide range of production-ready solutions in our repository.

Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Data Scientist & Head of Competitions

🤔The world runs on data. But #AI runs data. As data grows, so does the need for better AI to manage it. Can we prevent data from being siphoned to teach AI that we do not want?

💡Find out in the new #Mindsync article -

🦄 #Uniswap offers great solutions and technologies in #DeFi. However, even with its advanced features introduced in V3, liquidity balancing still remains a guessing game

🔍 Learn how ML and AI will change liquidity rebalancing in the #Mindsync article - https://mindsync.ai/blog/ai-productivity/liquidity-rebalancing-leveraging-uniswap-v3-and-machine-learning/

What are the 3 purposes of $MAI on the #Mindsync platform?
🔹 GPUs sharing & rent
🔹 Encourage to play an active role
🔹 Open exclusive platform benefits

🔝 All 3 increase the demand for the MAI token and offer good value proposition for token holders

👉 https://mindsync.ai/#mai_token

🤔 Can we stop AI from being stifled in its development?

📰 Read a new article in the Mindsync blog to learn about the main AI challenges and the ways they can be solved.

👉 https://mindsync.ai/blog/ai-productivity/ai-and-data-science-desperately-need-a-level-playing-field/

🚀 #Mindsync launches a Blog!

In the Mindsync blog you can find:
🔹Useful articles about Data Science, Machine Learning, GPUs
🔹 Mindsync platform updates and company reports
🔹 Dataset and model releases
🔹 $MAI token news

👉 https://mindsync.ai/blog/

#AI #datascience

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Giá bán0.1400 USD Lượng Coin Bán Ra500,000,000 Phương thức thanh toánETH, BTC, LTC
Đầu tư tối thiểu100 USD Phân phối50% Đã đạt đượcN/A
Soft Cap (Tổng Mức Vốn Kêu Gọi Tối Thiểu)4,200,000 USD Hard Cap (Mức vốn Cao Nhất muốn đạt được)70,000,000 USD

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