Tên ICOZeon Network
Ký Hiệu ZNC
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Một 01, 2020
Ngày cuốiTháng Một 01, 2021
Quốc giaSwitzerland
Nền tảngCustom

ZEON — a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale in transaction rates and to implement the main functions for users such as safe participation in other projects, cross-chain trading, fast p2p transactions etc.

Strategy Management
Technology & Marketing
Media & Community

Top Project Gainers of the Week - source @coinmarketcap and @coinight:

@zeon_coin, @btcst2020, @decredproject, @PundiXLabs, @SeedifyFund
#crypto #zeon #news #ethereum #nft

Zeon Network is a sponsor of FileZilla - one of the most widely used FTP clients.
#news #zeon #ftp #crypto #blockchain #tech

Cross-chain bridge enables the transfer of assets between them: ZEON ERC20 >|< ZEON BEP20.
#zeon #crypto #bitcoin #bnbchain #ethereum

1/2 Floor price can only be changed upwards. Even if USDT @Tether_to , Ethereum @ethereum, BNB @binance would copy a history of Terra Luna - Zeon Community is insured.

#LUNA #ZEON #crypto #news #defi #Ethereum #blockchain

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Giá bán1 ZNC = 0.0005 USD Lượng Coin Bán Ra30,000,000,000 Phương thức thanh toánETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
Đầu tư tối thiểu50 USD Phân phối60% Đã đạt đượcN/A
Soft Cap (Tổng Mức Vốn Kêu Gọi Tối Thiểu)2,000,000 USD Hard Cap (Mức vốn Cao Nhất muốn đạt được)15,000,000 USD

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